Featured 8 Ways for Sun Protection

By November 27, 2017Blog

In this hot summer day, I believe you will certainly remember rubbing sunscreen before going out, but I also know that some places are really easy to overlook and are often sunburn 8 common sunscreen  to share with the fans, the next time you go out Do not forget to help these parts wipe sunscreen!

  1. Back neck: We all know that the neck should be sunscreen, but often neglected after care, forget the neck is also the need for sun protection.
  2. Back side of the knee: The same as the back of the neck is a easy to overlook the sunscreen corner, do not forget it again next time you go out!
  3. Hand (foot) finger: small place can not be ignored, go out must ensure that each finger rubbed on the sun, will not become a black hand (foot) party.
  4. Instep: forgot to apply sunscreen, it will make the summer hit the sandals, pinch dragged in the instep left behind intertwined printing, super invincible embarrassment!
  5. Hair: That’s right! Hair is also the need for sunscreen, or hair easily become dry and yellow, the use of sunscreen spray or wearing a hat are a good choice.
  6. Ear: The most often overlooked but most easily sunburn places are non-ear, help the face rub sunscreen at the same time remember to bring the ears!
  7. Lips: It is recommended to wipe lipstick with sun protection factor to protect the delicate lips, so as not to cause the sun to dry.
  8. Chest: Sunscreen can not just rub the neck and forget the chest, but it will leave ugly scars in the neckline.

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