Want to become prettier? Eat right!

By November 27, 2017Blog

As long as the outdoor activities, whether it is picnics, children walking or cherry blossoms … are very difficult to resist the more passionate sun, in addition to rub sunscreen, wearing a thin coat, wearing a hat, parasol Basic skills, let me tell you all the beautiful girls, in the warm, lazy spring how to eat, in order to have chirp ruddy apple chin!

  • Strawberry: full of vitamin C, can help digestion, beauty beauty. </ li>
  • Carambola: rich acid can reduce melanin precipitation, but also with unexpected moisturizing function. </ li>
  • Cherry: legendary blood Saint products, regular consumption can make the skin rosy whitening. </ li>
  • Orange: rich in cellulose and vitamin C, can help digestion and prevent aging phenomenon. </ li>
  • carrot: a lot of cellulose and vitamin B, contribute to gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation. </ li>
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