Business Philosophy

The Legend of International Beauty World

First of all, let us together congratulate Zuddenithi in recent years, the scale of the business has a leap breakthrough, a successful business, you need the correct judgments of the leaders, but the cohesion and solidarity of all staff is even more indispensable, the company’s internal All employees are shouldering the power to promote Zodedenis forward.

In the future, Zude Denis is not only focused on the SPA line, we must also break the established image that has been deeply rooted in consumers’ hearts for many years. In the future, we will continue to expand our range of basic home care products, diversify product channels and enter the e-commerce market, Online shopping platform “Zodon Mall”, it is tailored specifically for Petty Girl cheap top of the holy goods, hoping to be more favorable pricing, to attract 20 to 35-year-old young customer base.

It is my dream that I have always been pushing Zaddenis into the international arena. At present, the department stores in the world are all brand names of Europe, the United States and Japan. Taiwanese and even Chinese brands seldom come into the world. Therefore, our long-term goal is to enter the department store one day Access, and international brands on an equal footing, so that more consumers know us, but also allow us to meet more global beauty of women.

Corporate management is a social responsibility, thinking how to set up a worry-free business for the happiness of enterprises, is my long-term goal, the same time, consumer satisfaction is our most important face, Zude Denis will bring The affirmations of consumers from all walks of life continue to move toward the world and continue to give back to the community with gratitude.

Chairman Chen Zhengxiong