Corporate Vision

Honest, Trustworthy, Sustainable Development

Operators to create high-quality consumers, the top enjoyment of the beautiful space, and at the same time and “easy to enjoy the beautiful, so beautiful and very relaxed” to serve the highest goal, so that consumers enjoy the beauty is no longer out of reach.

Since its establishment in 1989, JOURDENESS has tried various R & D techniques to advance with the times, break through the limits of self and adhere to the concept of “Honesty, Trust and Sustainable Development” The United States, Canada, Malaysia, Japan and mainland China allied with REVIVRE Livire, the top Italian skin care product, and HRF, the French oil producer, to create a brand that consumers can rest assured, reassured and intimate.

In order to enhance brand awareness, we have diversified product channels such as Jourden Mall, Yahoo, PC Home, Momo and a full range of products for 24hr convenience shopping. We have also actively promoted beauty and drugstore access, and through various social networking sites, Media to enhance marketing, combined with network and store, all-way access to service mode, so that the United States become a simple matter.