Butterfly – Beautiful Formosa representative

JOURDENESS transformed itself into a beautiful butterfly in Taiwan and sent the beautiful whirlwind to the Mainland of China, Japan, Malaysia and the United States to spread oriental beauty concepts, lead oriental healthy and fashionable life, passion for beautiful industries, create the world’s JOURDENESS, the world’s beautiful industry Miracle of Taiwan, Taiwan’s pride, so that each woman into JOURDENESS will be transformed into a beautiful butterfly, with its own unique gorgeous wings.

Orange is like a sun-like warmth, with the enthusiasm of rich maternal love or big sister, giving a warm, frank, cheerful, healthy feeling.

JOURDENESS hopes to provide customers cordial and attentive service, regardless of the use of our professional skin care products or SPA courses, every customer can feel our passion, feel the care is taken care of, the skin healthier day by day , More glossy and moist, distributed unique confidence style.