Research & Development

JOURDENESS R & D team, specializing in cosmetics manufacturing technology, biotechnology and nano-cosmetic technology. Focusing on the formulation of new products, modulation, development, product safety norms, product verification and school management; JOURDENESS R & D team and multinational companies technical cooperation, and overseas experimental test center for raw materials and new products have been rigorous Testing, to establish a high stability of the cosmetics technology platform, JOURDENESS has listed up to hundreds of products, R & D team adhere to high-quality products to meet customer needs and continuously improve the quality of the original product And stability, at the same time more uphold the spirit of innovation and innovation, continue to develop more professional R & D technology more new products. R & D team assigned to staff long-term training to accept the relevant professional courses, the future will be more professional research and development and verification capabilities, JOURDENESS cosmetics become the leading brand in the world trend.

Product Research and Development Base: Taiwan Taichung Research and Development Headquarters, Guangzhou, China R & D Center

Won the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, JOURDENESS in order to develop better finished products, and in response to the trend of internationalization, the establishment of international standards of production technology and processes are expected to gradually set up R & D bases around the world. At present, the research and development center in Taichung, Taiwan headquarters has been established more than 10 years, the development of more than 30 kinds of products, up to 100 kinds of items. In response to the needs of customers in the Chinese market, the company transferred its technology from Taiwan to Guangzhou, China in 2005 to set up a research and development center. Since 2007, it has been officially operating. In the future, R & D centers in Europe and the United States will not be ruled out, providing local customers with the best and most effective safe biotechnology product.

JOURDENESS Products International Natural Certification

  1. Soil Associationu United Kingdom soil organic certification world trust in many countries, to obtain Soil Association certified product “Organic” product mark.
  2. ECOCERT’s Ecole Centrale de Ecologie does not contain artificial flavors, colors, silicones, synthetic esters, mineral oils, petrochemicals, genetically engineered raw materials, radiant materials and unhealthy chemicals. It not only tests the ingredients of the product, but also the manufacturing process. Raw materials are refined, non-toxic and harmless to the environment.
  3. SGS International Accreditation Certification All relevant regulatory requirements for testing, testing, certification, qualification, leading full verification, quantity and quality control, different regions and markets, quality, safety and performance according to relevant health, safety and regulatory standards Conduct tests, products, processes, systems or services that meet national and international standards and specifications.
  4. Halal Certification Taiwan’s economy is full of vitality and is export-oriented. Over the years, Taiwan has always been able to offer products of excellent quality with reasonable prices and good quality at different market characteristics. JOURDENESS beauty and maintenance industry, certified Halal certification, the successful marketing of the Muslim world market for JOURDENESS Halal industry has laid a good foundation.

Associate with the Central Research Institute Professional Detector

  • American WATERS ultimate performance liquid chromatography analysis system
  1. Accurate testing of pesticide residues, estrogen, steroids, plasticizers and preservatives and other content
  2. All-round detection of soluble raw materials
  3. Provides fast and accurate separation of raw materials
  4. Low temperature control, reduce the sample contamination rate
  5. High-reliability patented torpedo tube electronically connected without pressure drop pump