The make-up water can be used like this! ?

By November 27, 2017Blog

I believe most of the people simply apply make-up water on the face without taking any effort. For your information, this step looks simple but it takes a lot of effort to apply the make-up water accordingly. However, it is not the product not functioning well, this is because of the steps you taken are incorrect. Therefore, you may waste your effort and money if you are not taking good care of your face. Let me tell you the correct ways!


– Apply make-up water immediately after cleansing

– must apply moisturizing lotion or cream after the make-up water

-If you apply lotion immediately when the toner has not been absorbed well, it will weaken the follow-up maintenance effect
As long as the grasp of “immediately + wait + overlap rub” three principles, make the make-up water to maximize the effectiveness of moisture firmly locked into the bottom of the skin tonight, just try it!


-Wipe anyway

-Summer fear of greasy, maintain lotion enough

-After finished apply the make-up water, follow up with the lotion while the make-up water have not fully absorb yet

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