The make-up water can be used like this! ?

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I believe most of the people simply apply toner on the face without taking any effort. Then, you may waste your effort and money if you are not taking good care of your face. For your information, this step looks simple but the result did not meet your expectation. This is mainly because the steps you taken are incorrect, and it is not the product malfunction. Therefore, you have to take a lot of effort to apply the toner accordingly. And, let me tell you the correct ways!

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I was with jourdeness since 2010, like so much the Gynecological Care Treatment, others like body X5, body 'kua sa', head & eye treatment are equally good.

Christina Chia

I have been a loyal customer for more than 13 years now and have tried all the body treatments. The SS2 branch is very helpful and would ensure my needs and my problems are being taken care of. I love the ambience in Ss2 branch and the fact I need not struggle to find parking makes my visit to jourdeness stress free. All the beauticians have been properly trained and very well mannered.

Alison Yow

I was their customer since year 2000...their service not bad with reasonable price...people here are very friendly.My skin was improved a lot after I have their treatment & their body massage is good! Overall is very good.

Karen HL

Jourdeness really provide the good Meridian treatment, friendly and courtesy staff really make me enjoy the treatment here. I can relax, rest and sleep, really surrender and get the rejuvenate after 2hours and the staff always recommend the good course and product that suitable for me.

Ms Chen


Yvonne Kok

在佐登妮丝15年了, 从以前单一的洗面配套到现在数百种的养生保养配套, 产品及服务与时并进, 都是为了让现代的女性活出健康, 美丽与自信的自己。

Siew Hong Yip


Cath MJ


Josephine Lim
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