Education & Training Trainer

7年 之前发布

RM3,000+++ Per Month


  • Capacity to establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships with staff at all levels
    and to work as a team member to achieve positive outcomes;
  • Ability to work with a wide range of industry stakeholders;
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary educational philosophies
  • Demonstrated ability to model excellence in creating successful learning environments;
  • Willingness to undertake professional development and to pursue continuous improvement;
  • Highly organised and able to work independently to achieve the goals of the role;
  • Capacity to work within timelines and to complete assigned tasks within set timeframe;
  • Ability to maintain organisational confidentiality;
  •  Highly developed communication, interpersonal and presentation skills;


  • To assist  students  to  achieve  their  personal  learning  and  career  goals  through  the development and delivery of high quality accredited training. All training provided must be fully compliant within the legal and regulatory requirements for vocational training procedures.
  • Achievement of the position objective will be reviewed against the following key performance indicators in the annual appraisal and review process and as required.
  • Detailed roles and responsibilities for each of the the KPI review process.
    – Delivering Training and Assessment
    – General Requirements for all Training and Assessment
    – Course Development


  • KWSP, SOCSO included
  • Personal entitlement of slimming and skincare products
  • Incentives, bonus and allowances
  • Annual and medical leave
  • Medical benefits
  • Professional training will be provided
  • Career advancement
  • Year end bonus
  • Allowances – Products allowance, oversea training, oversea working opportunity (USA, Canada, Taiwan and China), oversea trip